My studio is my sanctuary.  It's where I go to get still and get centered.

I love to try anything and everything art related, but mostly I create mixed media collage and jewelry.  I also love to study art history, particularly 19th century painting.

I hope when you visit my blog you will get a sense of who I am...the child that wants to play and explore, and the grown-up girl who struggles every day to find balance, wholeness and meaning as I nurture a family, grow a small business, and try to be a positive influence in the world.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you'll visit often.

About the images on this site:  All photos and images are mine unless otherwise stated.  When you email me for permission to repost one and I answer with a resounding "yes!", please include a link to http://taprootstudio.blogspot.com .  Thank you so much!
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