Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Great Day to Start a Blog...

Got up and out early this morning and had a special treat…a deer came walking through my yard a few minutes ago. We do see them near the house occasionally but it always gives me a thrill. Deer are so graceful. A sense of peace washes over me just by being in their presence. I know people like that. (I'd like to be a person like that.)
I have also been graced this morning by sightings of two road runners, many butterflies, dragonflies, and a bumble bee so loaded with pollen I’m not sure how he was staying air-born. Maybe I will work on some winged creatures in polymer today.


  1. My dearest, you are exactly that person... graceful, peaceful & elegant.

    How appropriate that I am your first follower & the first to comment.

    ((hugs)) J1

  2. You ARE a person like that!


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