Saturday, July 25, 2009

Below and Above

This photograph, taken at the edge of our pond, represents to me our human potential. Were it only an image of the surface it would be nothing special...just a bunch of sticks and bubbles. But light has illuminated the scene in two ways:
1.) The sunlight reveals what is beneath the surface - what would usually be hidden. There is both beauty (suprising color and form) and yuck (the refuse of rotting vegetation). Isn't this like our own interiors? Beneath our "surface" is a complex collection of experiences, thoughts and emotions...many things unseen by others, yet part of who we are.
2.) The reflection shows us what is above. No matter what lies beneath our surface, we are born to reflect something much greater and more beautiful than we could hope to be. In a still moment even pond water, and all that is within it, becomes an image of heaven above.


  1. You've given me something to ponder... I readily admit, my first thought would be of snakes & scary things lurking there & I'd be moving along.

    I'm beginning to understand your artistic inspirations a little better :-)


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