Monday, November 9, 2009

Ready for Monday

It's been a while since I had trouble sleeping. Usually my head hits the pillow and I'm gone, but last night my mind simply refused to get still. Maybe it was the coffee I had too late in the day. Or maybe I allowed myself to dwell too long on my "to do" list.  (I know better.)  Sometimes everything seems so urgent. Ironically, urgency tends to paralyze me.

So, instead of tossing and turning, I padded down to the living room in my sock feet and tucked myself under my most favorite blanket.  In a silent, sleepy house, I pondered my weekend and the week ahead.

It didn't rain Saturday as I had expected. (Apparently I was the only one around here that heard that particular weather report.) Saturday turned out to be a great day to rake and burn the ocean of leaves that covered our front yard. Our pup was a lot of "help", playing in the leaves as we piled them on tarps and dragged them to the fire.

This big guy turned up as I was raking.  He was about 4 inches long and quite plump. (Hard to tell from the picture.)  We admired him for a while and then placed him in some leaves under a bush, hoping he would find a new, happy home.  Isn't he a lovely shade of green?

Sunday afternoon was spent as all Sunday afternoons should be spent... with friends. We demolished a fresh apple cake and drank too much coffee on the front patio, which is most likely the reason I could not sleep later. It was totally worth it, though, because we had a very sweet time (sorry about the pun) and our friends saved us from eating too much cake on our own.

So, after such a lovely weekend I found myself so very grateful for simple things...beautiful things.  I am grateful for unruly puppies and big fat caterpillars.  I am grateful for my friends and family, and the way they beckon me out of the tunnel in which I so often find myself where I get too serious or too focused on me.  And I am grateful that on the brink of a busy, pressure-filled week I had a few very quiet moments to collect my thoughts and rejoice in all that is good in my life.  Okay, Monday.  I'm ready for you now.


  1. Gorgeous photos. A pup to make you giggle. An apple cake to soothe your soul. People you care about to bring you back to center. Such a good way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

    I hope your pressure eases & that the week ahead holds sweet surprises, meant just for you.


  2. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday. Sounds like heaven.


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