Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Change of Scenery

One of the greatest things about seeing and appreciating beautiful things is that I can employ that inspiration to bless people I love.  The lovely potting shed/bedroom installation I shared with you yesterday encouraged me to surprise my family with a special outdoor setting for our lunch today.  I love the way a beautiful table setting looks against the backdrop of nature.

It all started with a white canopy and some patio furniture placed under the big oak tree in our front yard.  Several patio plants helped to anchor the grouping and help it feel "set apart" from the surrounding area.

After choosing simple table linens, I searched the house for items that would add visual interest and personality to the environment.  One of my favorite ideas was to personalize each place setting with a message composed with scrabble tiles.

Once the table was set, I added several items meant to encourage the family to "linger" a bit after the meal...

...nice fluffy pillows in the seats and a soft blanket nearby, in case someone felt chilly (we had a cool front move in yesterday!)...board games...a few sketch books...and more scrabble tiles. 

We had a simple little picnic, made extra special by the beautiful environment. 

The piece de resistance was the beautiful sunshine and the fresh, cool breeze that graced our entire afternoon.  Just as I had hoped, we spent much of our day together in our beautiful outdoor room.  A simple change of scenery and a little creativity turned a simple meal into something extraordinary.

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