Friday, September 7, 2012

New Journal Project!

I started a new art journal today following a tutorial posted some time back by Ashley at Lil Blue Boo.  She transforms everyday composition books into beautiful colletions of lists, images and all sorts of things worth remembering.  (See her tutorial here.)

I, of course, immediately veered away from the directions, skipping the cover and going straight to work on some pages.  (I promise to show you the cover when I get around to that part.)

I incorporated some burlap a friend gave me and definitely had to use some heavy duty adhesive for that.  Matte gel medium did the trick.  When in doubt always use gel medium for collage!

I hope that as the pages of this art journal begin to fill, I will branch out a bit...try new things. I'd like to try some stitching and more hand drawing and calligraphy in this journal.  Today, though, I felt like I was just "limbering up" since I haven't done any collage work in a while.  My, how I've missed it. 

Stay tuned...I'm really going to try to stay faithful to this project and I promise to post pics along the way.  There I said it...Now I'm committed!

***News Flash!!!!***  I just took a look at Lil Blue Boo and Ashley is posting daily journal prompts!  She's calling it the Lil Journal Project and it looks like fun.  It's great timing for me as I just started this journal today and really want to stretch.  If you post your pictures you can link up as well and guess what!?!  This weekend's prompt is to explore different handwriting and lettering styles.  (Did I not just say I want to do more calligraphy?)  Oh, I am so there!  (Check out this weekend's prompt here.)  Don't worry about it if you don't post your work...just have fun using the prompts to get those creative juices flowing!

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