Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Funny Little Diversion, Really

Hi, all!  I hope at least some of you are canine lovers as this is the second time this week I'm leading off with a photo of a dog.  This is Edmund.

He's the star of the mandala I put together last night.

Just a funny little diversion, really.

Thanksgiving 2012 was a success and we're headed home today.  I have to admit I miss my paints, scissors and paper bits.  If I were at home I think I'd print this image and doodle embellishments all over it.

I also put these flowers together last night using portions of some recent photos I posted here.  If you're really in need of amusement you can scroll through the last several posts and find the photos I used...sort of a scavenger hunt :-)

I look forward to getting back in the swing of things this week.  It won't be completely normal, though, since Christmas is just around the bend.  I need a few quiet days in the studio before switching gears!

I hope you have a happy, creative weekend!  Happy AEDM!

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  1. Cute boy, we have hounds here too! Love your collage pieces, look like kaliedescope's. xox

  2. Lovely mandala's... and Edmund is very cute :D

  3. Edmund is adorable and I love your mandalas, the doggy one is my favourite though :)

  4. Very creative, although Edmund looks a bit hang dog about being recruited as the subject! LOL!

  5. aww Edmund is the sweetest! And your mandalas are really magical, gorgeous.


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