Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Play Day

It is a happy talent to know how to play.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Being a stay at home mom when my kids were young was a pretty sweet gig.  What other job description includes singing silly songs, dancing, and finger painting?  Actually, I still do those things quite a bit, so I guess my life today is a pretty sweet gig, too.

There just has to be a healthy dose of freedom to play, explore, and try new things in a creative life.  Sometimes we really need to play.  

Today I was energized by the feel of paint on my hands, watching colors blend and seeing blank pages come to life.  I didn't try to "produce" anything or follow a plan.  Here are some of the compositions that came out of it all.  No words on my pages today, just color and form...backgrounds maybe, or elements for collage.

Red, green and purple acrylic layered over white gesso.  
Flower and cardboard cylinder stamps.

Layered phone book pages with thin coats of gesso and turquoise. 
 Orange and purple acrylic stamped flowers, pink circles stamped with bottle cap.

Page coated first with heavy coat of acrylic gel medium 
mixed with gesso, then yellow and orange acrylic.  
Flowers stamped in red and magenta acrylic.

Page coated with purple acrylic mixed with gesso.  Purple acrylic 
dragged across lower right corner with cardboard.  Circles stamped using bubble wrap.

Page coated with thick layer of gel medium and green acrylic.  
Stamped with paisley, flower, and scroll stamps.  
Some areas over-painted with yellow acrylic.

It's hard to believe we've almost made it through November.  What an amazing month of beauty and inspiration this has been.  There's still time for you to take a peek at the wonderful art being shared at Art Every Day Month.  Hats off to Leah Piken Kolidas of for hosting this event every year.  This was my first year to participate and I'm already looking forward to signing up again next year!  (You might want to put it on your calendar, too!)

I hope you get to play today!  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. These are lovely Janice, they would would make a gorgeous fabrics too.

  2. This was my first year as well:) AEDM has been lots of fun and really motivating!

  3. Looks like pretty nice play to me. I'll join you anytime. xox


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