Friday, November 2, 2012

Around Here Today

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.
Winston Churchill

Life around here today is...

1.) Sweet
This morning I watched the sunrise from the rocking chair my son made in shop class last year.  I love sitting in that chair.  He was so proud the day we brought it home.

2.) Refreshed
I painted the headboard we made from an old door and rearranged our master bedroom this week and now waking up is so much fun! Seriously...I love the new arrangement and I get really happy when I wake up and see it.  Then my day off to a good start!  Goofy, huh?  Who knew such a simple change could make such a difference?

3.) Inspired (and a bit wired)
I am so loving my super fabulous new mug from Old Farmhouse Pottery.  I love that you can feel the ridges where the artists hands coaxed the clay into shape.  That's the thing about hand-thrown vessels: they are utterly unique.  There is a downside to using this one, though; I love sipping from this mug so much that my coffee intake has increased! (Thinking of having a cup now.)

4.) Exhilarating
Cooler temps = windows and doors wide open.  LOVE that!

5.) Blessed
With so many residents of the east coast without electricity in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy I am very mindful of what a blessing it is to have heat, light and so many other things with just a flip of a switch.  Soooo grateful for that and hoping power is restored to everyone very soon.

6.) Vibrant
Beautiful hues of orange are everywhere and  I love it!   Orange is a very happy color and working with it even makes me feel more creative.  I must make something orange this afternoon.

So there you have world as I (choose to) see it today.

Hey, that background is sort-of orange, don't you think?

I hope your eyes are open to the beauty, inspiration, and blessing that is all around you today.  Make a list or just tell someone about the good things in your life.  Maybe it's a little like rearranging the furniture... a simple change could make a big difference.

Today I'm linking up to the following sites that offer even more encouragement and joyful thoughts for you!


  1. I love your gathering of joys - they feel so nurturing and comforting. Hooray for those bits of beauty that bring vibrancy into the way we move through our days. And yay for the power of orange.

  2. These are so lovely. Thank you for the reminder to look to the little things. :)

    I love orange, too. It IS happy!

  3. Janice-sweet sharing, thank you! The things you appreciate are also the kinds of things I appreciate. Today, I am also grateful for the love, play, and kindness in my life.

    1. So glad you stopped by, Janet. I hope you have a week full to the brim of the things you love most.

  4. And I love your header, forgot to put it in my first comment!

  5. Now that is one uplifting post. Love it! Now I am going to go appreciate (more) my pottery mug.

    1. Aw, thanks, Jean! I hope you had a great weekend. I'm still drinking too much coffee out of that mug!


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