Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Welcome to the Party!

Everything is a canvas lately.  Yesterday I was putting together some things for a trunk sale and just had to add a little color (okay, I know it's a lot of color) to the earring cards.  I did these quickly and was really just playing, but maybe there's some potential here...

I haven't posted every day of Art Every Day Month, but I have to say I'm pretty stinkin' proud of myself for keeping up as well as I have and I am really feeling the benefits of making the commitment.  Just showing up in my studio each day, committed to doing something has really heightened my joy and creativity.  I'm starting to feel my playfulness return after some very serious months and that, my friends, is worth gold. Let's hear a big round of applause for Leah Piken Kolidas for hosting this event every November.  It's my first year to participate and already I am looking forward to next November!

I also want to thank you for keeping me so encouraged lately.  Thank you for coming here and having a look, and especially for commenting and letting me know I'm not just talking to myself.  My blog, for the first time ever, feels like home and friends actually come to visit me here!  I wish I could put on some music and serve snacks...really make it a party!

Bless my sisters and few friends who were faithful readers when no one else knew I was here.  You have a place of honor at my party, dear ones.  You encouraged me to find my voice and to start making connections beyond the familiar.  You know who you are :-)

Truth is, I don't really feel ready to put myself out there most days.  I'm really a person that likes to...well, blend.  Being vulnerable makes me feel like I did as a teenager...self-conscious and clumsy!  I don't feel ready, but finally I am willing

There's a reason I show you my work in progress...my funny little sketches and experiments. I show you  my process in part to put you at ease.  I don't want you to be afraid to try things and share your experiences.  I want you to really know that you don't have to be Leonardo da Vinci for creativity to flourish or, to borrow a word from my friend Chandra of Juniper Goods, to thrive in you.  

You don't have to impress to inspire.

 The need for approval will thwart true creativity every time.  

This is something that I know.

So relax and be brave!  Try something new today.  No one expects you to be perfect (at least I don't).  Just be willing...to make a mess, to miss the mark, to be less-than impressive.  Begin something...anything!  Welcome to the party!


  1. Your earrings are beautiful, and I really like the touch of color on the cards. That makes them so special and personal.

  2. I love your back cards! Great idea of adding color. I always want to add color to the backs in fact that's how I used to display them with craft paper behind, until my Dad said you can't see the earrings and showed me a way to still have color but not hide the earrings. I love your sayings on the cards as well. So fun! Thanks for adding me in your post your swell... And creativity does thrive in you! :)

  3. I was thinking before I even read a word how good your earrings looked on your painted cards! Bravo, I am sure the display will help them fly onto new ears! xox

  4. Love this, Janice! :) I also adore the watercolor on the earring cards. So sweet!!! I am sure people will love them and feel happy getting them. ;)

  5. The color on the cards make your beautiful earrings stand out! The words are extra special.

  6. Firstly, thank you so much for dropping by at my blog.It really makes my day when someone comments.Secondly, I was just scrolling through your posts and your work and your words are amazing! I love this post as well and your wonderful thoughts and tips about being brave in art.I too, agree that the earrings look brilliant with the watercolor backgrounds.

    Your new follower,

  7. I just LOVE the little paintings that set the background for your lovely earrings. I must see in person! Soon I hope :-)
    Hugs, friend.

  8. *happy squeal* They are cuuuute! You chose my favourites as the first picture. *happy*


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