Monday, February 18, 2013

Unexpected Impression

An intuitive painting took an unexpected turn the other day.  It began as layers of abstract marks and sketchy imagery.

Then an impression of a face appeared on one corner.  (In the bottom left hand corner...the canvas was turned upside down from the way you see it here.)  What struck me was that the girl is looking over her shoulder at me, just like my sister, Jill, did in a dream I had last week.  (You might remember she went to heaven in December.  You can read about her here.)

The girl looked a little pallid so I added some warmer tones and adjusted the drawing a bit.  Now she even looks like my sister to me...except the eyes...I'd like to make them blue like hers.  We talked in my dream and she exuded a serene confidence that I found very settling.  It was an amazing dream...a gift straight from God.

I may play with this image a bit more but then I think I'll set it aside for a while.  It was good to push through the resistance I have to painting breaking through some sort of barrier.  It helps that I've been inspired by the many artists participating in the 29 Faces Art Challenge.  

Last fall I learned the value of committing to making and sharing art every day during Art Every Day Month.  It is so much fun to embark on such a journey with a group.  The support you receive from other bloggers is phenomenal!

Also phenomenal are the links at this week. Pop over to see what everyone is up to you'll be inspired, I promise!  You can even add your own link so we can see what beautiful, creative things are happening in your life!


  1. So glad you let your painting speak to you. Does your face look like your sister to you? Isn't it marvelous that your higher self speaks to you. Keep going I am loving your creative energy. xox

    1. Thank you, Corrine. The face definitely looks like my sister to me even though I really didn't try to make it that way. In fact it really "feels" like her more than it "looks" like her.

  2. Wonderful! She is beautiful and so glad it came intuitively ^_^

  3. Thanks, Carol. I am slooowly learning to trust my intuition :-)

  4. I so love it when we follow our intuitions and amazing things emerge. Thank you for sharing your process and the evolution of your paintings.

  5. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful Work! WOW!
    So happy I came over to visit - Your work is absolutely beautiful!

  6. Oh, what a lovely story,Janice. I hope you are doing OK.

    I hope that you feel more confident now in painting faces because her face is just beautiful. It's stunning. And to imagine that you saw it in the painting and it has a semblance to your sweet sister. <3

    SO much love being sent your way.

  7. Wow, that's what intuitive painting is all about! Love the story of how you came to this. So very sorry to hear about your sister, but this is a wonderful kind of tribute to her. And you have no reason at all to resist painting faces, you do brilliant!

  8. This is a beautiful story and a wonderful tribute to your sister. It is a really beautiful painting. Thank you for sharing your story. I learn so much from each artist who shares what they are doing. I have not really done any intuitive painting but I know it is something that I would love to try.

  9. I love how your painting came together. I'm thinking your sister helped guide you with it. I lost my only sister almost 15 years ago, so I know what you're going through. P.S. Thanks for visiting my site and commenting on my red fox watercolor.


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