Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Playing with Paper 53

I've had a bit of fun with Paper 53 this week, just sketching things here and there.  If you like to play with digital paint tools, this is the app for you. 

These are just quick sketches.  Each took less than 10 minutes.

As you can see, I'm quite fond of the watercolor tool and the paint mixer is just way too much fun.

Sketches of my dad and my shoes in recent posts were also created with Paper 53.  It is super easy to use and if you haven't tried it you're in for a treat.  The basic app is free and extra tools and the color mixer are added for a small fee.  Trust me, you definitely want to add the extras.

A computer will never take the place of paint and paper for me but I have to say it's really nice to be able to do a quick study without lugging my paints around.  I did the first two sketches while sitting on the couch as my guys watched a movie.  

***As a side note, I rarely actually watch the movies we watch.  I mostly just listen and ask someone to rewind when everyone laughs really hard at something.  I feel mildly guilty about this and I think I'd be annoyed with me if I were them.  I do try not to ask for rewinds very often.

That tomato in the last sketch was ginormous on the vine.  I finally picked it tonight and served it with dinner.  Pure heaven.  

Is that not gorgeous?  I am ruined for all other tomatoes.

We're expecting temps in the 100's in East Texas this week, so for those of you who experienced the "winter that just wouldn't end" a few months back are officially allowed to gloat.  July is usually brutally hot and dry here, which makes me kinda mean but I try to keep that in check.  As long as the air conditioning unit behaves I'll be okay.

I hope this post finds you comfy and cool (or warm if you're south of the equator) and enjoying your creative life.  

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  1. Your sketches just keep getting better and better....Stay cool, it's been really hot there already. xox


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