Thursday, June 13, 2013

Joining the Feast

Yesterday I was totally blessed by a friend who set out the sweetest little treat for our Wednesday morning coffee on her back porch.  Check out the beautiful silver butter dish.  It's the details that make life beautiful, don't you think?  The blackberries in the bowl are a little dark in the photo but they were so yummy with Susan's homemade biscuits.

Now that we're back from our week at the beach summer is starting to settle into my bones.  I love the quiet mornings and the slower pace but summers in Texas are brutally hot.  Check out the temperature on my front porch at 11:00 this morning:

I don't even want to look at that thermometer again today.  Air conditioning is my best friend!

On Monday I began an on-line course called Journey of the Heart, by Kathryn Costa of True North Arts.  Teaching on-line is a new endeavor for Kathryn and I must say she is off to a great start.  Her topics are spot on if you want to affect real change in any area of your life or just get back to some good habits that you may have let slip.

One of the first questions asked in the course is,"What makes your heart sing?"  It's interesting to me how rarely I stop to ask this question of myself but as I thought about it yesterday I found a clue in the sweet table my friend set for me.  I love a meal served in a beautiful setting.  I mean, I REALLY love that.  I love china and pretty cotton napkins and tablecloths.  I love fresh flowers and drippy candles.  So for the next several weeks I'm going to figuratively "set the table" with things I love and things that help me stay focused on my Journey of the Heart.

Kathryn encourages us to set up a dedicated "sacred space" for the course but since the huz and I are almost empty nesters I feel like most of my house is already my sacred space!  I have little work and study areas set up all over the place so for this course I've decided to gather the essentials and set up my space outside each day.  I'll have to make it early, before the heat sets in!

I suppose because I was thinking about beautiful meals and pretty table settings this morning I remembered the story of a man who prepared a great banquet and invited many people, but no one showed up for the party.  They all had excuses as to why they couldn't make the time to be there.  The tables were already set, the banquet hall was ready to receive whoever came, so the host sent his servants out into the streets to invite whomever they came across.  The intended guests missed out because they were too busy to make the feast a priority.  They lost their opportunity and someone else took their place at the table.

“Blessed is he one who will eat at the feast in the kingdom of God.”
Luke 14:15

I don't want to miss out.  I don't want to neglect the practices that will feed and nourish my soul as I put less important things higher up on my list of priorities.  I don't want my dreams and goals to become mere wishes or, worse yet, regrets because I'm too busy to be still and listen in this moment.

What feast might you be missing?  What important changes could you make if you accepted the invitation and took a seat at the table?  Maybe it's time to make time.


  1. What a yummy blog every way. Nice to meet you, Janice, over from Journey of the Heart.

  2. Oooooh what a lovely post Janice. Your photos and reflections brought tender tears to my eyes.

    For one, because we are so kindred: I asked my husband to read your post and he commented on how your photos and writings looked as if I could have written it. He saw what I saw that we are kindred spirits.

    Oh how I love how blogging brings people together. You are my soul sister in Texas and me many, many miles away in New Hampshire.

    Second because your blog post is a response, a continuing dialogue to what I put "out there" in the course. I loved how you were connecting with the beautiful table and shared the photo of the tea cup with saucer and plate. Just this last weekend I pulled out some of of my tea cup treasures for my sister's visit. Your photo is a mirror of my own experience.

    I love how you take a simple question and ponder it, experience it, contemplate it. I too do this and it is the hallmark of the Journey of the Heart course as it is peppered with many questions to stir the heart and soul.

    Wow! Your faith connection inspires me (love the photo of the book spine that reads, "Jesus calling" as I prepare for two presentations coming up in the fall one to a group of Youth Ministers at a retreat and another for a group of confirmation students and their parents for a Holy Harvest Family celebration. I had the pleasure all day of brainstorming and planning the presentations and what a delight to visit your blog and read your story of the banquet, to read how you relate to this story and made it relevant to you and I learning, and inspiring from...will translate it adding my voice as I relay it to others. Wow....

    And, to think so many people out there who are not "plugged in" don't understand how real, yes REAL connections are made through social networks.

    This course has only just started. Already, I feel not only a deep and meaningful connection with you but with each participant. I sense this is because I am so very present to each comment within the classroom blog or on the course Facebook page. I feel the energy from each person and I honor it. I relate so deeply and I care.

    I'm lucky to be a facilitator for I get to bring my gifts to the banquet to share in a feast meant not for me (for I am one of the "prep" cooks in this spiritual soup for the soul) but for those who say yes to the invitation. I'm but one who has heard the call, and replies to the invitation, "Yes! I'm ready to dine, but first, how can I serve? Thank you for asking!"

    You are a treasure, dear Janice, to have in the course and your thoughtfulness and creativity will inspire everyone who participates.

    I'm looking forward to continuing this dialogue in the weeks to come ---- and I'll be certain to send some cool New England breezes your way in the meantime.

    {soul hugs}

  3. Take time to smell the roses... While sitting out by the lake last night with my hubby, we talked about what a true gift the peaceful lake had brought to my life this past year. Through all the tough times, I have had the constant of nature around me to ground me and give me room to breath. Like you, I have always appreciated the 'feast.' In the end...I think its those moments we remember the most. Love your post today. Your words are always a worthwhile moment for me to sit and savor.

  4. Hello Janice, it's great to take the time to notice and appreciate, be aware of what you love, what makes you tick! My special moments are being with my close family, especially my little 2 year old daughter, I love hugging her and telling her how much I love her, I'm blessed! Keep on with your special journey and thanks for sharing with us! xx

  5. Hi Janice, another fellow traveler from Kathryn's course...enjoyed your post. Your last comment reminded me of what I am trying to do lately...when I think of someone I haven't seen in a while, I am writing them a note, a real note on real paper. Or calling them out of the blue. It makes them feel good to be remembered and gives us a chance to reconnect. It's different from "taking a seat at the table", but it popped into my mind when I read your blog. Looking forward to what else Kathryn has for us. Marsha


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