Monday, August 19, 2013


My favorite art makes an impact not because it is impressive in the traditional sense.  What truly gets my attention, what draws me in and touches my heart is art that reveals the heart of the artist and the heart of God.  My friend Charlotte's work did both.

The first time I met Charlotte she spoke to me of birds that soar high.

She told me about Gentians, beautiful deep blue flowers that grow only at high elevations like the Alps in her native country of Switzerland.  

Charlotte was generous with her encouragement.  As she quickly sketched these images she jotted down words and scriptures that came to mind.  I was down at the time but she said I would someday thrive in high places, just as the birds and mountain flowers do.  These were words I needed to hear...words that encourage me to this day. 

This beautiful lady took her place in heaven last week but her spirit lives and her artwork continues to inspire and encourage.  Much of it is in the form of quick sketches that spoke truth into the heart of the recipient.  I bet there are hundreds upon hundreds of lovely drawings like these tucked into drawers and books and little boxes all over the world.  This is the kind of gift you keep forever.

I honor you today, beautiful Charlotte...your talent, your generosity, and your love of God.  You were really something special and your legacy lives on as those you inspired seek to use our gifts as selflessly as you did.


  1. Her beautiful and dreamy art will always help you to remember her.

  2. What a sweet post about your connection to this beautiful soul. xox


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