Sunday, September 8, 2013

Rose Bones

Posting a little something for Sunday Sketches today.  (Little somethings are all I seem to be able to muster up in my sketchbook these past few weeks...Lots of jewelry making going on around here lately.)

Rose Bones, September 2013, created in Sketches by Tayasui

Rose Bones... that's about all that is left of the fading roses I shared in this recent post and sketched here.  Why have I not yet thrown them out?  Weirdly, I feel for them.  They have their crispy-around-the-edges, used-to-be-green leaves and I have those wisps of grey hairs showing up at my temples.  I am happy to report, however, that I am actually not yet crispy-around-the-edges and I'm pretty sure I have a few good years left in me!

In other news, look what arrived yesterday...

Oh yes...a box full of silver.  Makes my heart go pitter patter just thinking about working with it.  There is much to be done in the studio this week and I'm really going to try to remember to take process pics to share with you here.  I'm going to be busy, busy.  Not today, though.  Today I plan to enjoy the calm before the storm... a day of rest prescribed by my very wise creator.

We'll probably fire up the grill this afternoon (I'm thinking Wild Salmon and asparagus) and I'll visit the artists linking up at Sunday Sketches while my guys watch a little football.  I may just slip a little nap in there, as well.  Yep, my Sunday Afternoon is shaping up quite nicely!

What do you like to do with your down time?  How do you recharge for the week ahead?  I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Hi Janice, I love your sketch and Emerson's words. The years do teach us alot about what is important. It sounds like you have a perfect day planned.

    I love to read in my down time but my silly guilty pleasure is watching reality shows. I have always wanted to be on Survivor and thought seriously about applying to the Amazing Race with my then trainer at the gym. Who knows there may still be a reality show in my future -as they say it is never too late.

    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  2. rose bones and silver, sounds like the title for a good book? Great sketch. Save some salmon for me. xox

  3. There is definite beauty even in a faded rose. It has history. What a lovely box of silver. Have fun!

  4. Janice, I love this wonderful sketch. So real. I love it alot. Good luck with all you've got on your plate for the studio! :)

  5. this is quite lovely
    i saw the dried piece in your post below, you have truly captured it's beautiful spirit.

    wishing you a grand time with the silver!

  6. I think I am starting to curl at the edges, also hoping for more good years! Your roses are lovely as s the quote!

  7. Beautiful piece! You've really appreciated the roses as every stage. It's a beautiful homage. I love getting new supplies too, what fun!

  8. I LOVE the term "rose bones". I have a few rose bones saved around here... along with other bones (my family refers to them as my atrocity collection). LOL! I think it was years of orthopedics that made me love and appreciate bones.

    I knitted on some blanket squares yesterday afternoon... ;)

    blessings ~ tanna

  9. Sounds like the perfect Sunday to me! Can't wait to see what you create with your new stash of silver. Love the is so darling.

  10. A box of treasure! I'm so very happy for you!

  11. I'm a little bit like your roses; still got some bits around the sides, but the tops long gone. It's why I wear a hat in the sun - otherwise it's like the sun bouncing off a windscreen and blinding people!

    Today's downtime involves blog-hopping and chicken curry - living the rock & roll lifestyle ;)


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