Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bloomin' Mums

Sharing a doodle for Sunday Sketches today, created in Sketches by Tayasui.  We travel a lot to high school football games and marching band competitions this time of year so it's nice to have a little art studio contained in my iPad.
Bloomin' Mums, October 2013, Created in Sketches for iPad

These are chrysanthemums ("mums" for short) and are great fall flower in our area.  My doodles of them are a lot like little mandalas so it was fun and relaxing to create.  The Sketches app has some fun textures to play with, as you can see in the background.

Mums come in all sorts of lovely colors and they bloom prolifically.

Bees like them, too!

As I said, we've been busy with my son's marching season in band.  His band is huge and they perform mililtary style marching, which requires a lot of discipline and teamwork.  I am in awe of what band directors can get 200+ teenagers to do in unison!

I'm still trying to figure out how to post a short video, so in the meantime here's a photo of a portion of the band.  (This is about one quarter of the band.)

I've finally discovered Instagram and have a some fun the last few days playing with the filters they offer.  I'm really not looking for yet another thing to complicate my life, but Instagram is so simple it actually makes posting pictures easier.  The above image was put through the Amaro filter.  I like the effect.  

To add the writing I imported the photo into Sketches and used the pencil tool on a second layer.  Working on a separate layer allowed me to play with color/pencil thickness, erasing easily until I found something I liked. much fun to be had with these apps and so little time!

I hope you are enjoying a restful weekend.  We're done with the busy part we play!

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  1. Wow..your floral-mums-art is so stunning and charged up with life-force...lots of energy humming and buzzing in this floral-dream...gorgeous colors..lush and plump..pure beauty! I love the beauty of these blooms too..they never disappoint! Wonderful post...thanks for sharing and shining your magic!
    Blessings for a wonderful rest of October kindred!

  2. Your mums are beauty full! Reminds me of my grandma's garden, she had a back yard fence lined with tall yellow mums! I did grow some back in the day myself come to think of it.
    I had trouble managing one teenaged boy! (now almost 50). 200? Yes, what a feat! Congrats to the trumpet player for his accomplishments! And the mom who raised him.
    Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog today too. Change is good!

  3. Loving your Mums art. We can't move for Mums here at the moment. I'm not sure if it's all over France but in this region at least, they put mums on the graves on All Saints day.
    That is some team work going on the your sons band... brilliant :)

  4. I love your sketch on the Ipad. There are so many wonderful things for us to use to create beautiful art.

    My son was not in band but I remember how much I enjoyed his soccer games. Although this is an incredibly special time for our children, it is also a great time for parents. Enjoy every second.

  5. I'd like a whole garden of colorful mums like these.....xox

  6. lovely mums! It's great that your son enjoys band! And you are good with technology!

  7. I love your mums, they are beautiful! Great picture of the band and your fave trumpet player!

  8. Great job Janice, your flowers are so bright and blooming! You've had another great Sunday, I love these slow feel days, even if I'm kept on my toes with the kids! We're having fun preparing for Halloween! Have a great week my friend,
    hugs Kat xx

  9. Beautiful the bold and bright colors of fall! Captured perfectly!

  10. Hi Janice,

    Thank you so much for stopping by at my blog. Your sketches are lovely! I love flowers and here in Ireland it is getting slightly colder...lot's of winds at the moment. I do love the colours of fall...very vibrant. Have a lovely week ahead.


  11. Your mums are glorious, as is your colorful mum design. It's so much fun to watch and listen to military style marching bands, so I'm sure your very proud of your son. Blessings!

  12. Lovely mums, lovely to see you on IG too. So many apps and not enough time, so true. So much to be thankful for really. Happy Autumn to you! :)

  13. The pictures of your flowers are beautiful - wonderfully captured. Even moreso in your wonderful illustration. I LOVE it alot. I really like the blue/purple surrounding your flowers as it really makes it pop! :)

  14. Love your inspiration! You art reflects the beauty of those flowers so well! Happy SS!

  15. I saw these flowers the other day but didn't realize they were Mums. Beautiful sketch, and I can't believe it was done on an ipad.

    Love marching bands!

  16. I love your beautiful fall flowers! My husband was in a marching band too and I went to most of his shows. I agree, its amazing what they can do! xo

  17. I love your colorful IPad flowers! They made me feel happy immediatel :) Many thanks!


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