Wednesday, July 29, 2009

English Breakfast Tea

So we were out of coffee this morning and I had to "make do" with tea. O, happy day! I'd forgotten how much I love a good cup of English breakfast tea. Inspired, I pulled out my favorite tea pot and picked a few flowers for the table. It became a morning beverage event.
Please understand, I do love coffee, but lately I've been drinking it more out of habit than by conscious choice. Believe it or not, this small change in routine set the tone for my entire day. It started me thinking "outside the box" to find creative solutions to all sorts of challenges. Maybe you're not mindlessly drinking the same beverage every morning, but chances are you're in some other rut and making little changes in your routine can transform your thought process. You might even be amazed to find your attitude much more positive and hopeful.
It's not necessary to visit a foreign country or go bungee jumping but it wouldn't hurt to be a little daring. Try wearing a weird hat while cooking dinner or dancing in the grocery store aisle when no one is looking. (Don't worry about the security cameras...I'm sure they record that kind of stuff all the time.) Just do some little thing out of the ordinary today and see how much more creative and alive you feel.


  1. Dance in the grocery store aisle? I thought you said to do something out of the ordinary! As for the tea - very twee!

  2. Wonderful post, beautifully crafted, with a dash of humor to drive your thought home.

    I dare you to wear the weird hat WHILE you're dancing in the aisle...

    A tea lover's blog for you to enjoy:


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