Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rockin' Out on a Lazy Summer Afternoon

Around our house, soaring summer temps are the perfect excuse to stay inside and create something. Today we painted rocks. It gave us a chance to laugh and talk together while we got a little messy.
The result?...A pretty plate of colorful, inspiring and encouraging messages to pass on to friends and strangers. For now they grace our patio table with a whole lot of charm...
The water we used to clean the brushes was so pretty...I just had to take a photo. I may use this interesting color combination in another project. (Inspiration comes from the most surprising places.)


  1. What a fun idea. This would be a fun way to do eggs at Easter, too. Since they're outside, I assume you sealed them?

    Now, about the water... I'd love to do a room in those colors.

  2. I'm Julia...Yes, we definitely sealed these and yes, we did do Easter eggs this way, too! Friends joined us and we made a huge mess. It was so much fun seeing each person's style show through their work...beautiful.


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