Saturday, August 1, 2009

Anniversary Roses

Look at the gorgeous roses my sweet husband blessed me with today! I love the array of colors as each one symbolizes a different aspect of love. How appropriate for an anniversary bouquet.
I always need a reminder of what each color means. Here’s a list in case you do, too:
Red – romance and passion, also courage (very necessary in love, wouldn't you say?)
Pink – admiration, appreciation and gratitude
Yellow – friendship, joy
White – purity, unity and new beginnings
Orange – passion and excitement
Lavender – enchantment, love at first sight

Hmm...This list sounds like a recipe for a great marriage to me :)


  1. What a lucky girl! they're lovely!

  2. What a sight that must have been, him walking in with such a beautiful armful of roses... so romantic, so sweet.


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