Friday, August 21, 2009

Clarity Through Expression

It is only through the effort of expressing that we clarify and make distinct who we are and who we are becoming.
- Jerry Fresia *
I find that blogging is freeing and intimidating at the same time. On the one hand I can say whatever I want. On the other hand, I can say whatever I want. For a mid-fourties girl who has spent a lifetime trying to please others, the opportunity to express myself honestly is a bit daunting.
To express my "self" I must first find out who she is.
It's hard to get used to having my own own platform where I don't have to say the "right" thing. I don't have to blend or keep the peace. Still I find my self wondering what a reader might need to hear or what I could say that would make you want to return to this space of mine. Old habits are hard to break.
As I learn to write from my heart my true self timidly begins to emerge. It's touch and go. She still wants to hide behind the masks that have kept her safe and made her presentable. I have to say, though, it sure feels good when the masks come off and she feels the sun shining on her face. Maybe I should stock up on sunscreen...

* This quote is from an article entitled "Why We Paint"( Many of the ideas the author presents apply not just to painting, but to any creative expression. It's an encouraging read.


  1. Illustrating with the photo...the reflection representing the conundrum, right? Very cool.

    Facades are necessary sometimes, but they sure are uncomfortable. The girl behind the mask is so interesting; I like your true self... a lot.

    Hope your weekend is wonderful.

  2. More thoughts about the photo... the two hands, as I saw it. The expression of the tree (the reflection) is so very pretty. But it pales in comparison to the real one.

    What joins the two trees?
    A single taproot.

    (great link, btw)

  3. I like the way the two trees stand as individuals but in harmony, the larger tree actually seeming to stand back and make way for the smaller one. I just really love this image.

  4. Wow... I was so immersed in the reflection of the tree in the foreground, I didn't even notice the smaller tree. How very unlike me.

  5. And finally I get it. The larger tree stands in the background. Lesson learned, for the moment.


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