Friday, September 25, 2009

Better Late than Never...

Julia at  Drawn to the Sea had a great idea when she announced First Word Friday last week.  I was excited about participating again and thought I would post something early this morning, but you see how well I followed through on that one.  (There's not a whole lot of Friday left at this point.)  Let's give it a go anyway, shall we?  As a reminder, here is how Julia introduced her idea:

Posting in short bursts invites you to interact, to be part of the process. Sometimes I simply offer a little vignette... & hope it speaks to you, or through you. Will you share a little of the story you see in the photo above (or in my case, below), in three sentences or less?

The first word is Before...

I really do hope you'll take a moment to jot down a piece of the story this image inspires in you.  What lies beyond this doorway?  Is it the beginning of a journey or the end?
If you get a chance, visit Drawn to the Sea to see others who are participating and read responses to the beautiful photo Julia posted.  That's what I'm off to do right now.  Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Before, everything had seemed so big. The building - a monster; the doors - its great heavy arms that, when opened, grabbed her and pulled her inside. Now that she was older, it all seemed less threatening somehow. The doors had become the arms of an old friend, welcoming her into its bosom. The chairs that once practically devoured her, now felt like the furniture in a doll house. Everything was exactly as it was, but different. It was as if she had outgrown the place. The only thing that remained the same was the smell. The mixture of paste and cornbread. She would never forget that smell as long as she lived.

  2. Before winter sets in, urban gypsies seek out a place of comfort & warmth. Nesting is folly; still, the occasional low utterance is heard... "home".

  3. Yay! Blogger finally let me leave a comment.

  4. Good to have you back, Julia!
    Wow, you guys must have taken your creative pills for this one. It's so much fun to see how our minds head such different directions from a common starting point.

  5. Hey j3, what's YOUR "before" story???


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