Saturday, October 3, 2009

Inspiration in Paint Water

This will be a quick post...I've been spending mucho hours in the studio lately.  When I'm not there, I'm playing catch-up with the rest of my life.  I'm afraid the housework is coming out on the short end of that deal.
Anyway, I was just about to wash out this paint jar and noticed how beautiful it is.  (I think I've posted at least one picture of paint jars before...I guess I have a thing for them.)  I took a picture for my own inspiration and thought I'd share...

Love, love, love that mustard color with the teal.  And how about that splash of red at the top of the jar?  Oooh. 
I hope your eyes are wide open to the beautiful colors around you today.  Happy Saturday!


  1. Janice, why not drain it, seal it (or put a lid on), & place it a window? Just this week I put blue paint in some bottles & turned them upside down, let the excess drain away. Mine are opaque; yours would look like stained glass.

    (I see pretty things in the background!)

  2. I guess I do preserve this in a way because I never really wash the jar...I just dump the water and refill. The acrylic paints stay. One fun thing is that there are layers of color; on the outside, inside, and in the water. So pretty and ever-changing. It makes me very happy. Can you believe I am obsessing over paint water? Good grief...

  3. There are worse things to obsess over.
    Trust me, Rosepetal ;-)


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