Thursday, September 17, 2009

Let's Have Some Fun

Julia over at Drawn to the Sea has a creative challenge posted today. Won't you join the fun? Simply leave a comment sharing the story you see unfolding in the photo below. (Three sentences or less, please.) I'll even give you a word to get you started.


To see who else is playing or to post your own First Word Friday challenge, visit this most fabulous site:


  1. "Lately I've been wondering... how come YOU get all the cool hats?"

  2. Lately, as I sit and listen to my young son chatter on, I realize I must grab these moments and hold them dear. Soon he'll be grown, going off to college, marrying and raising a family of his own. Then I will recall the day we sat at water's edge talking about his schoolwork and our annual family camping trip, simply sharing that special love between mother and child.

  3. Lately I've come to realize that it's the seemingly insignificant moments in life that sustain you during difficult times.


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