Monday, September 21, 2009

The Sun is Shining! The Sun is Shining!

After several (eight, to be exact) days of sopping-wet weather, the sun is finally shining!  I am finding all sorts of unusual things growing in the woods.  (That sounds a little creepy, doesn't it?)  These newly sprouted beauties probably won't last long.  They are already starting to deteriorate.

How about this...whatever it is?  Such gorgeous color and texture.  Look quick before it's gone :)

A few fall leaves are showing up here and there.  In East Texas we tend to have a lot of false starts to Fall.  I'm sure we're still in for some very warm days.

I hope you're enjoying the beauty and color that surrounds you today.  What seasonal changes are you seeing?


  1. Grab a flashlight & go see if those fungi glow! When researching fireflies for my art project, I learned some shrooms are bioluminescent.

    Other than cooler nights, we're about the same down here (& that makes me happy).

    Sweet day,

  2. How can something so icky be so intriguing? We've got mushrooms all over the place here, too. They are even growing out of the cracks on the driveway! Maybe I'll try the flashlight trick...

    p.s. I also bought a pint of freshly sliced at the grocery store today! I'm telling you - they are EVERYWHERE!


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