Monday, October 5, 2009

The Quality of the Day

To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts.
Henry David Thoreau

I've been working on my self-talk lately, finding that a simple word or phrase can turn my thoughts in a good direction and improve my day immensely.  A few months ago I began altering old keys with visual reminders of things that make me stronger and happier.  I guess you could say they are "keys" to a joyful life! 

I just put the finishing touches on these last night and plan to string them on antique brass ball chains.  I've not actually seen antique brass ball chains for sale lately, but I'm keeping hope alive that they do exist.  (any suggestions of where to find them?)
I've been adding little one or two word encouragements to my gift bags, too.

How amazing it is to think that such a small detail...just a word or a phrase or some little visual...can change someone's outlook.  There is such power in what and how we choose to communicate.  It is a total blessing to know that these little keys and tags might just put hope in someone's heart or a smile on someone's face. 
I hope you are encouraged today, my friend, and that you will find a way to encourage someone close to you.  A few simple words truly can affect the quality of this day :)


  1. Your blog encourage me in some way every time I visit... to create, to be positive, to see things in a different light...

    The keys are so artfully done. And the tags, just scrumptious!

  2. I have a word for you.

  3. My sisters loved the gifts and it was very special indeed to share with them your thoughtfully creative talents. For me, being able to do this is like knowing the secret place in the woods where the lepricon lives and upon visiting there, discovering a magic shamrock and leaving with a delightful pot of gold.


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