Sunday, October 4, 2009


My son brought this butterfly to me yesterday.  It's wings were a little tattered and it moved very little as he held it on his hand.  I'm sure we were witnessing this marvelous creature's last few moments of existence.  What a privilege.

A little later he brought this flower to me...It was the last spider lily left blooming.  I'm glad he brought it in.  A big rainstorm moved through last night and this exquisite bloom would have been pummeled.

I sense a theme emerging.  The fading butterfly...The last lily...The world around me is in transition.  Fall is settling in and nature is preparing for winter.  I notice my own thoughts are turning toward my nest, wanting to create a warm and inviting environment where my family will take refuge from the chill of winter.  Time to pull out some soft blankets and make soup!
What do you like to do when the weather turns cool?


  1. AH--I love everything about this season. My favorite!

  2. Hide.

    I like the cool days, and the chilly nights. I like the beach all year round. But most of what accompanies fall & winter is not to my liking. It's a good thing so many people feel differently. How terribly sad if everyone felt the way I do.

  3. It's funny how the onset of fall can be so invigorating and still leave you with a sense of sadness. Thankfully, nature gives us a colorful distraction to these feelings. I love this time of year. Like tears through laughter, it's a mixed bag of emotions. A bittersweet inner turmoil that grows more precious with every passing year.

    I love the spider lily. I saw pictures of yellow ones the other day that were fabulous!


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