Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bird Invasion

We have been inundated with feathered friends this past week and I am much inspired to create some jewelry in their honor.
I began by collecting little bird figures from around the house.  They are a great visual reference for different ways to stylize wings, tails, etc.  Today I lined them up on the windowsill to watch the snow come down.  (Yes, we are getting more snow!...very unusual for our area.)

I have also been doodling little bird and flower motifs lately, so I pulled those out, as well.

The bottom right picture above became this delicate little pendant.  I love that the leaf swings freely...that really makes me happy.

I haven't hammered and soldered the earwires for these tiny little sterling birds beads yet, but I love the length.  The birds dangle so sweetly from their elongated perch.  These I will keep for myself, however, because I've discovered I need to make an adjustment.  In order to keep the birds facing forward, I need to make a fixed loop on top instead of using headpins through a hole.  I will like the look of the fixed loop better, anyway.

I've already started another pair and love that the birds I'm making today have a different personality from the first. Even birds need their own identity!


  1. Oh my gosh! You have no idea how much I NEED this necklace! The earrings, too! Put me down for a set! Also love the menagerie of birds in the window. What a joyful sight!

  2. Adorable! I love seeing the way your mind works. The little birdies would make wonderful charms, too!


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