Friday, February 19, 2010

Shiny Things and Food for Thought

This will be a quick post.  Today is a mom day, as I am leaving in a few to chaperone my son's field trip.  I just want to share some pictures of my first attempts at silversmithing.  I am still on cloud nine after my class last week.  My first project was a pair of shiny, dangly much fun to wear!
Each project was designed to teach certain skills...sawing, grinding, and lots and lots of soldering:

On the final day, we were able to put a little more of our "selves" into a project as we designed our own stone and wire pendants.  I went for an asymmetrical, dynamic design and was pleased with the results:

Back when I was in art school I remember walking by the silversmith studios and thinking to myself, "What could you possibly do with such a degree?"  It seemed like a lot of  fun, but entirely impractical.  I just didn't know the possibilities.
As I consider this, I realize I have that attitude about a lot of things.  I tend to take the safe road, believing that the "fun stuff" would get me nowhere.  But what if the fun stuff is fun to me because I was born to do it?
Hmmm... food for thought as I take off to spend the afternoon with 300 junior high band students.  Have a great day!


  1. Love it! Esp. the earrings. I have a few ideas for designs if you're interested... ;-)

  2. Sketch your ideas and send them to me, Gish!

  3. You created this after just a few classes? This is just the beginning? Mercy. Color me mightily impressed (& proud of you)!

  4. All of these are great! Do what makes you more alive, missed you this weekend. God really moved and I got it:0) Maybe we can have a hang out day soon.


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