Tuesday, February 2, 2010

In Due Time

Walking along our trail this afternoon, I thought of the many hours I spent clearing it last February and March. It seemed I was out there almost every day.
It's hard to believe that was a year ago. So many things have changed since then. A year ago I worked alone. Now I have two puppies to keep me company. I prayed a lot back then about my daughter entering college and my son moving into junior high. Now they are both settled in their new schools and doing great. Twelve months ago I was thinking of starting a blog, a website, or maybe an etsy store. All of those dreams are now reality and I’m learning to balance it all. While some issues remain unresolved, many have somehow worked out and, sadly, some things I truly enjoyed are just a memory now.
I want to dwell on this for a while...to allow my ever-changing circumstances to teach me to look beyond the present, to count my blessings, and to keep hope alive when things are hard because everything could be so very different a year, a month, or even a day from now. This life is dynamic and flowing with possibilities, creativity, and joy when we embrace and expect change.
Where were you one year ago? What has changed in your life? Be encouraged, my friend. Embrace the blessings that are yours today and believe that what is heavy on your heart may not disappear tomorrow, but it will most definitely resolve in due time.


  1. Lately, a certain verse seems to be everywhere I turn. - "Joy comes in the morning." I get great comfort and reassurance from this verse for obvious reasons. But the other day as I really meditated on it, I thought about how it applies to the bigger picture. The morning not just being a new day, but a fresh start. So many things that terrified me last year have become routine now. And things that seemed so disasterous turned out to be not so big. Of course, there were a few upsets, surprises and disapointments along the way, but the point is, I got through it. Faith makes things possible... not easy. The journey may be a difficult one, but what a blessing to know that at the end of it all, there is joy.

  2. Boy, I hear you. So much has changed for me in one year. Including, teaching at my first national jewelry retreat!! And it is in Houston. I see you're in Texas, are you coming to the retreat??? I hope so, would love to meet you. What city are you in and do you know my friend Diane Cook? She's in Katy. Love your work, congrats on your one year anniversary of your blog. Take care, Riki

  3. Gish - That verse means a lot to me, too. When I stop to think about how many times it has proven true in my life I am filled so much with hope and gratitude.

    Riki - How nice to see you here. Welcome! I'm not headed to Houston anytime soon, but it's so exciting that you will be teaching there! What is the name of the retreat? I LOVE the jewelry pics you posted on the Mixed Media Art site...absolutley gorgeous.


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