Friday, September 17, 2010


Sometimes I think I should just write my entire blog about the MT SYLVAN COFFEE HOUSE & MERCANTILE.  I spend enough time there and I love the people that frequent the place so much.  Sometimes when I walk in I hear can almost hear the theme song to the television show, Cheers,... "Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, and they're always glad you came..."

I walked into such a sweet atmosphere this morning, as Denise Warren was readying the tables for a bridal luncheon.  As proprietor, Denise always takes great care in preparing a fresh and peaceful environment for her guests and today was no exception. 

There is something delicious in the anticipation of a celebration.  There is nothing more joyful than friends coming together to share a bit of life, and being asked to facilitate that is really quite an honor.  I was blessed to be able to help out today by furnishing centerpieces for the tables.  They featured some of the vintage spoons I've been altering and stamping lately.  (I'll have to post some more pictures of those later.)

So I've been thinking a lot today about that atmosphere...where preparations are made for a great celebration.  What if we lived each day with that kind of anticipation?  What if we walked around believing something joyful and wonderful was about to occur?  Would we see and interpret things differently?  Would set-backs and dissapointments become opportunities...just bumps on the road to something better?


  1. Aunt Janice, I always love your blog. I try to check it first thing in the morning at the bank when we are still slow. Somehow, reading it gives me a sense of peace and calm and tranquility. Even when there is nothing new to read, just going back over the older posts still has the same effect though I have read each one many times. When would be a good time for me to come drop by the farm? I have a car these days and would love nothing more than to visit everyone and see the family I love so dearly

  2. My Dear, you are welcome to come any time you want. My door is always open to you and it has been far too long! You just let me know when you'd like to come and I'll roll out the red carpet.
    Thank you for the sweet things you said about my blog. It makes me smile to think of you reading it. I love you, sweet girl.


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