Monday, October 25, 2010

Aiming Past the Wood

"Aim for the chopping block. If you aim for the wood,
you will have nothing. Aim past the wood,
aim through the wood." - Annie Dillard 

We've made some progress on the tree I mentioned in the last post and the logs are starting to pile up. It's time for my thirteen-year-old to learn the fine art of log splitting. 

The Annie Dillard quote above is true, not just literally, but symbolically, and I hope I can use this opportunity to teach a greater truth to my son.  Sometimes you just have to fix your focus beyond what lay just before you to get where you want to be.

I often think if we could see too far down the road of any endeavor we might never dare move forward.  If known in advance, the challenges and obstacles ahead might well overwhelm us before we even got started.  Often the only way to progress is to set our eyes on the prize...the end result...the finish line.  This is, afterall, hope.  This is, afterall, faith.

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