Friday, September 14, 2012

Lil Journal Project Week 2

Yay for the Lil Journal Project at!  The journal prompts Ashley posts each day offer such fresh ideas for my art journal.  Every day she takes us in some totally new direction.  It's so much fun!

We began this week by drawing a map of our childhood neighborhood:

I wanted mine to fold out so I drew it on an old paper sack and glued it into the book.

Tuesday's assignment was to draw and write about different cars we had when we were growing up.  Well, okay, everyone else probably wrote about cars that day.  I woke up thinking about buntings that morning (go figure), so on Tuesday my journal page looked like this:

I told you before, I don't always follow directions :-)

I also created a Pinterest board that day named "Buntings, Pennants and Flags".  Click here to see some gorgeous images and fun tutorials.  I am a bit obsessed.

Okay...back to the journal...On Wednesday we created color palettes so we could give each color a name.  This was maybe my favorite project this week.  I'm fairly certain my color names would never make it onto lipstick tubes or paint samples with names like "Used Motor Oil" and "Mountain Home Countertop".  (I promise it's the same color of tomato red used in the kitchen of the first house the huz and I rented as newlyweds.  Those countertops were out of control.)

Thursday we wrote memories prompted by a group photo we pasted into our journals.  It could be any group at all.  I chose a picture of my mother's family taken several years before I was born.  It was nice to spend time honoring the memories of some of the beautiful people that were such a huge influence in my early years.

There's just one more assignment this week.  Over the weekend we will sketch a few things that we treasure, taking note of where they came from and why we keep them.  I'm just looking around now to see what I might sketch...
I know my journal entries thus far have been a little labor intensive.  I guess I'm just so excited to have a little inspiration and focus that I've had fun losing myself in the process.  Sometimes our creative energy gets so bottled up inside of us it just needs permission to bust out!

Click on the link below to read today's journal prompt and see links to other journals.  Better yet, grab a pencil and paper and join in!


  1. Wow, Janice. I love your journal style! It's so unique - - I've really not seen anything quite like it. How did you develop your "font"? I'm also doing the Lil Journal Project and am having as much fun as you are. Thanks for joining the Link Up. I'll be posting my second week's entries soon!

  2. Thanks for the kind words! font...I'm not really sure I've developed one! It seems like every time I put pen to paper something different happens...sometimes that's good and sometimies, well...

    Thanks so much for stopping by. I can't wait to see your journal entries!

  3. Janice I love the way you used the folded brown paper sack to do your journal entry! That is clever! I'll be posting my Week 2 on Journal Tuesday, hope you will stop by to see them.

  4. I love the way your map turned out. The color palette was my favorite journal this week too!

  5. Love your journal!! How do you do that cool layering affect?

  6. Thanks, everybody, for stopping by. Pamela, I usually layer my backgrounds using gel medium and wrinkled and flattened book pages. When the pages are dry I apply gesso, paint, and ink. A lot of people ask me about my textures. I'll try to work up a tutorial soon to explain the process better. Happy journaling!

  7. Great journal. I especially love your map. This project is really great because we can be inspired by each other.

  8. I agree. I love seeing the diverse ways each of us responds to Ashley's journal prompts...very inspiring indeed.

  9. Hi Janice,

    I have just started on my journal, I'm converting an old college text book (it's only worth $1 now). I love your art style! I am curious to know what supplies you used if you don't mind sharing...I need some new ideas.

    Thanks Kim

    1. Nice to hear from you, Kim.
      I am using very simple supplies lately as a lot of my journaling is done while waiting in school pick up lines, etc. I usually paint several pages ahead of time with gesso then carry Sharpie markers and map pencils with me so I can doodle "on the fly"! Occasionally I add a bit of acrylic paint here and there.
      I do think it's fun to have a sort of "theme" to a journal. I'm thinking of creating my next one completely with recycled materials. That might be an interesting way to approach the journal you're creating with the old textbook. (Great idea, by the way!)


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