Wednesday, October 10, 2012

True to Your Own Path

Sometimes the biggest challenge in living a creative life is staying true to your own path.  

The big loud voices of this world will pressure you to follow the crowd but Your voice is like a small child tugging at your sleeve.  Lean in close and listen...what is that child telling you?

I am by nature a pretty joyful girl.  Sometimes I catch a lot of flack for that.  The big loud voices try to tell me that child-like wonder is simplistic and hope is naive.  But I know better.  When I deny or turn against that silly, sometimes overly dramatic, nature-loving dreamer that lives inside of me then I lose myself and I have nothing to give that truly comes from my heart.***

I cannot create someone else's art.  I can only create my own.

In the end we all have a part to play...the optimists, the realists, the dreamers and the analysts.  We challenge each other, balance each other out.  We must play our part.  We must be true to our own path.

***If you sometimes feel judged as being unaware or even a little naive in your joy, check out a beautiful post titled Starting Now? The End to the Cynicism at a lovely site called A Holy Experience.  

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