Monday, May 6, 2013

Creative Tuesdays - Monogram

I so enjoyed meeting and being inspired by the participants in Creative Tuesdays a few weeks ago that I'm having another go at it this week.  The good news is that I got my act together and really tried to follow the guidelines this time :-)  This week's theme is Monogram.

I haven't created a monogram in a very long time.  Come to think of it, I'm not sure I ever created one before so a big "thank you" goes to Michael of Creative Tuesdays for the inspiration!

I really had a great time with the black and white versions of these but I'm sure you won't be surprised to learn that after I got the design worked out I had a bit of fun with some color versions.  (You'll see what I mean.)

This first piece is for my son, Sam.  I included a sword in his monogram because he really loves them.  He and the huz spend many weekend hours creating and dueling with wooden swords.  (My knights in shining armor!)

Sam loves red so I added a little just for fun.

Then I really jazzed it up by trimming the monogram out of a scanned watercolor background.  He'll love this one!

Just to prove I'm not joking about their hobby, check out this photo of Sam's favorite homemade sword.  He and his dad spent an entire weekend on this one a few years ago.

I was on a roll, so I created a monogram for my daughter, too.  Emily is an artsy girl so I came up with these swirly, art nouveau-y E's and S's.  They are actually both created from the same basic swirl shape.  I like the sense of movement created by the repeated "S" in the background.

Of course I had to splash this one with a little color, too!

Here's that scanned watercolor background again.  This one's my fave!  I think it gives the impression of looking through a stained glass window into a beautiful garden full of blooms.

I hope you'll check out the other entries for Creative Tuesdays.   Some amazing artists participate in this bi-weekly co-op and their work this week is sure to inspire! 

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  1. Janice, just wow is all I can say, you are really good at this!!! I love both designs.

  2. I love the technique of scanning in the watercolor background! Also, I really like how you made it personal with your family inspiring you. Beautiful work!

  3. Wonderful monograms, Janice. I loved seeing the different variations for each. :)

  4. Fabulous and creative! Love each one.

  5. Oh how wonderful are these and your son is such a cutie! With his most amazing that carved wood? Wow. xox

  6. Visiting from Creative Tuesdays - Wowzers, these are all fabulous! I have to say your daughter's monogram with the watercolours is quite butterfly like to me (I know there's an 'extra' wing), but at first glance I mean ;0) Mo

  7. The monograms are so meaningful. Love how you have incorporated the kids interests with the letters. Very creative. By the way, I loved your new friend Bea too:)

  8. Ooh, lots of wonderful explorations here, Janice! Great gifts I'm sure too! I did have to laugh at the photo of your son with that massive sword. LOL. Your daughter's one reminds me of a butterfly, don't you think? You did a superb job and am so glad it inspired you and played along again! :)

  9. Wonderful! The designs are both so fabulous. They work very well in black and white and enhanced with color. The one for your daughter with the watercolor paper is especially pretty. Huge sword your son and husband created!

  10. Your monograms are fabulous. Love the use of the sword as a basis. Your daughters does look like a butterfly.

  11. Your monograms are so great, that last one is very special, wow! Bravo to you! Oh and that sword is impressive!!


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