Monday, September 30, 2013

A New Rhythm

Sadly I didn't get to post for Sunday Sketches yesterday but I still hope to visit the participants sometime in the next few days.  I am excited to link-up to Creative Every Day today, though.  It's been a while since I last participated there and I've really missed it.  So if you're here from CED, welcome!

For the past several weeks much of my creative energy has been directed toward a large wholesale jewelry order.  It is good to have work but, as the following images prove, silversmithing is hard on my fingers and nails.

In the fall I often turn toward the ease of pattern and the comfort of fiber, usually in the form of a knitting or crochet project.  But this year my unfinished knitting projects remain neglected as I file, hammer, and polish my way through this jewelry order.

As we head into shorter, cooler days, instead of finding my rhythm in repeated stitches I find it in the repeated motion of stamping lovely words

fabricating beautiful forms

and bending graceful curves

and I have to admit, there is a huge sense of satisfaction as I step back and consider the fruits of my labor.*

Do you feel the rhythm of your life change as the seasons do?  As the weather cools (or warms) do you feel drawn to certain types of projects?  I'd love to hear about it!

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*The pieces featured in today's post were created for Mercy Ships International and I'm excited to announce that more of my designs will be offered through their website and gift catalog beginning next month!  (Visit their online store to see these and other current offerings.)


  1. So beautiful....and if you get back to knitting, you can make a scarf for me. Gorgeous. xox

  2. Your pieces are just beautiful and so inspiring. And congratulations on the association with Mercy Ships International!

  3. Janice, I am sure that you know the seasons are a huge part of my work, dare I say the almost governing what I do. I am not sure if it's completely commercially viable to do so if such orders like your came through, but it certainly has enabled me to create a structure to my work and my day, never letting me stay on one thing so long I get bored, always enabling me to return with fresh eyes. I really love the work you have shown here. I adore silver and knitting and like you in autumn feel the turning in, the nurturing of textures, tones and subjects of the abode. Here, though it is Spring and I am loving the softness of blooms as I rise out of my Winter cocoon. Always enjoy sharing though, through this one constant electronic form of our blogs. Congrats on reaching nearly 300 on your fb page BTW. :)

  4. Janice your pieces of jewelry/art are so very beautiful.... and your working hands are beautiful, too.

    I've been off my rhythms and am ready to get back in the groove.... blessings ~ tanna
    ps beautiful yarn. ;)

  5. Your jewelry is beautiful, I love the words!

  6. Janice your work is beautiful. Just looking at the metal pieces you create makes me feel a sense of peacefulness. I can only imagine the feelings I would get seeing them in person.

    I love the change of the seasons. Fall always represents new beginnings for me. I am sure that is because of my years as a teacher. It was always nice to meet new students and be given the chance to start fresh. Each year was an exciting adventure.

    I am not sure what this fall will bring but I am visualizing something new and intriguing.

  7. I love ALL your jewelry, especially the crosses with the anchor and the necklace with the charms. That's a form of art I've always wanted to try, but have never had a chance. Blessings!

  8. I love this so much! Great and with so much soul!

  9. Beautiful! What a lot of hard work.

  10. These came out fabulously! Congratulations on the wholesale order.
    I loved seeing the process for making these and can see how much detail and finger work goes into these jewellery pieces.


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