Sunday, September 22, 2013

Wide Open

One of my favorite things about living in our part Texas is the feeling that washes over me when the summer heat finally breaks.  The exhilaration is almost impossible to describe.  When you've had months of temps ranging from 95 to 105 Fahrenheit with little or no rain, that fist cool snap is beyond wonderful.  It is like waking up in a field of flowers or finding an oasis in the desert.  It's a feeling of hope and new possibilities.

The first bit of cool air finally made it's way into our area this weekend and the windows to my studio are wide open!

My love affair with aging roses continues...these are mixed with some sort of beautiful little flower that stays fresh for a very long time.  Does anyone recognize them?  I think the name begins with an "A", but can't recall what it is.

These roses aren't terribly aged yet, though.  They are wide open just like my windows!

I started this piece with a (sort-of) blind contour drawing in pencil.  Blind contour = looking at the subject and not at the paper.  I admit I did peek some, just because I felt like it.

More line work... in sharpie this time. 

And you know I just had to add a bit of color.

Wide Open, September 2013, Sharpie and watercolor on Canson cold press 

I'm hoping some of you will answer a few questions for me.  I have really enjoyed experimenting with watercolors these past few months and am ready to splurge on some higher quality supplies.  For those of you who love watercolor, what is your favorite maker?  Do you use pan colors or tubes?  I would love to have your input.  Thanks in advance!

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  1. your painting is beautiful Janice! as is your studio. that flower looks like a tiger lily to me.

  2. Beautiful indeed! My contour drawings always look a lot more abstract then that... I love your flowers. I haven't used watercolors in a very long time, I used to use the cake ones, but always wanted to try the tube ones. Maybe get a small sample set of the types you are interested in and play around with them?

  3. Gorgeous florals..stunning ! your studio is super beautiful ..such uplifting images! Those roses are magical too...
    beautiful post!
    Happy SS!

  4. I believe the flowers with your roses are called Alstroemeria. They are wonderful cut flowers because they last so long. We can grow certain varieties here in partial shade but they spread like crazy. I love your colorful painting. The weather brings out the best doesn't it?

    1. That's it! Thank you so much, Sharon! It pays to have garden-wise friends :-)

  5. Oh these are beautiful. All the rose and flowers are coming to an end as we brace ourself for some pre-winter weather this week ( I hope it goes back to autumn soon). I use pan watercolour but would love to have tubes :)

  6. Love your inspiration! The detail on your flower art is beautiful and great contour drawings as well. Happy SS!

  7. Your rose painting is gorgeous, Janice. I love the colors and the energy they exude. Hope we can continue to enjoy this blessed weather here in Texas.

  8. Hello Janice, your roses are beautiful, I love how you take us through your process, they look so great! I use pan water colors, a good old quality box I've had for some time, get what inspires you and enjoy!

  9. Janice, thank you for sharing this with us. Your studio TOTALLY rocks and your watercolor is so lovely. :)

  10. Look at those beauty flowers you drew. Your pen energy makes them seem alive! xox

  11. I share you love affair with roses. ;) Love your drawing... especially with the colors... ;)

    I like Windsor Newton (sp?) in the tube best for most colors... there are a few odd others that I like different brands, but not many. ;) Glad Sharon knew the name of the flower. blessings ~ tanna

  12. That really makes me want to go get some roses! Love the watercolor.

  13. Is it amaryllis? The breeze brings new hope, yes indeed.. And I adore the lively lines of your blind contour drawing. My inner-child painter likes Prang :-)

  14. I love your step by step picture story as well as these wonderful colors you have choosen for the stunning roses! Your blog is a wonderful place to wander!

  15. Beautiful, as always. I loved seeing your studio. <3


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