Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Little Laid Back Sunday Afternoon Fun

I really do enjoy playing with the different drawing apps available for iPad.  For me it's very relaxing and the endless color and tool variations make it really fun.  This afternoon I've been altering photos from my camera roll.  Remember this one from last month's trip to Baltimore?

Groovy Kind of Love, November 2013, created in Sketches for iPad

And here's a handsome young man I just happened to photograph walking toward me the other day.  I can't believe this guy is so grown up!  (Notice I refrained from calling him my baby.)

So.Very.Cool., November 2013, created in Sketches for iPad

That's it for deep thoughts or words of wisdom, just a little laid back Sunday afternoon fun!  Hopefully next time I'll remember to save a few screen shots along the way so I can show you a bit more of the process.  

Have a great day my friends!  Happy creating!

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  1. Laid back is good :D

    These are just bursting with fun and love and all sorts of good stuff :D

  2. You made me laugh aloud. Love these images. Both handsome guys are blessed to have you as a part of their lives. :~)

    Happy Sunday & AEDM!

  3. Hello dear friend, sorry not to have popped in earlier, it's just busy with family...but I've loved catching up with all your great posts, especially the one on your little sister, such touching words!
    I love your studio, it's looking like a such a good place to retreat to for special "you" time and your cute little companion on the orange chair is so lovable.
    Keep having fun and enjoying,
    Kat xx

  4. I really enjoyed this fun and color filled post (and art of course). That young man sure looks like his dad!!

  5. nice job on the photos! You all look great!

  6. This really adds a lovely touch to those pictures!

  7. its amazing what you can do with your apps! this is really cool. xo

  8. What a beautiful post..and wonderful photos of all of you... such wonderful energy shining through! Very special and meaningful! Shine on..these were wonderful and full of fun and spirit!
    Wishing you a fantastic week ahead!

  9. Lovely! Love the backgrounds and the photos!

  10. Oh these are so very "cool" :) and the photos are fantastic!

  11. That's an adorable photo of the two of you, and "so very cool" sums iit up perfectly for the second one. Amazing to see the different looks you can add when you get creative with apps. I love the magic that happens when technology and imagination meet!

  12. wonderful to see what you did with your photographs~
    can you tell us what app you used, pretty please.

  13. Of course! I used Sketches for iPad. It's really easy to learn and fun to use! Thanks for stopping by, Tammie!.


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