Monday, November 4, 2013

You Guys Rock!

It's been loads of fun checking in and seeing what everyone is up to at Art Every Day Month these past few days.  I gotta say, you guys rock!  So much talent!  I wish I could make it to everyone's blog every day!

I am happy to report that I did finish up that mug sketch I showed you in Saturday's post and I ended up adding ink + watercolor this afternoon.  It's a happy little piece...`

The real-life mug was thrown in porcelain and the potter chose to leave the outside surface unglazed except for the little flower petal thingies.  Let me tell you, this is one scrumptious little piece of pottery goodness and I've been going through way too much coffee because I don't want to put it down.  (Actually, I don't really drink a lot of coffee, I mostly just enjoy holding a warm mug and smelling the aroma.)

I also added a quote to my inspiration board today.

These words are meant for you, remind you of just how great it is that you are tearing down the walls of self-doubt and complacency and entering new territory.  This is your time, my friend.  It's time to let your light shine.  The world needs what only you have to give, so be strong and of good courage!  

Putting your art out there is like offering the world the most fragile part of you, hoping and praying it won't be crushed.  We become true artists when our need to express what is deep within us overtakes our need to impress, to succeed or to fit in.  Artists are honest and they are brave.  Artists live big!

So to every artist participating in Art Every Day Month or putting your work out there in other ways I say, "Thank you for your courage!  May your life and your art expand in ways you never dreamed possible!"

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  1. love your mug and the quote and WE do Rock -- don't we?!!!!! Happy AEDM!

  2. This mug made me smile. You draw so well. You might even like to link to my T Tuesday post. It's perfect for today.

    And I agree that artists are brave and honest. We tell it like it is, and we ROCK!!

  3. I love everything about it! Great quote, by the way. =)

  4. You are right - your mug sketch IS a happy little piece! Love it! The quote s beautiful too!

  5. I'm grateful for your words today. I've been working on finishing pieces so I can "put them out there" and let others enjoy them. I can't be the only one getting this much pleasure from what I "cook up", right? I love Anais Nin (she showed up in one of my collages the other day) and I also love Rilke... noticed the quote on a tag at the top of your blog. We are kindreds, indeed!

  6. Nice cup. Would love to have morning coffee out of that! xox

  7. I love your post today and that sweet mug!! I actually did one for today too. Thank you so much for these words, needed to hear them and will repeat them many times I'm sure. Life with art is like that I guess, ups and downs but always sooooo full of JOY!! Thanks for sharing this and the beautiful things in the below posts.

  8. Very sweet message and I love your mug. I feel like it's solid and very lovely at the same time.

  9. Beautiful words and so very true .... I love how you transformed that sketch!

  10. Oh what lovely heartfelt words Janice, I love coming here! That mug looks so great, that would quickly become my favorite mug too!


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