Thursday, July 9, 2009

Insect Inspiration

Pondering dragonflies this morning

Learning about the miracles of nature enrichness our lives and inspires the creative process. I spent some time yesterday studying dragonflies and I thought I’d share a few fascinating facts. These beautiful little insects have a short adult life but what a glorious existence it is. Did you know that dragonflies…

…spend most of their life (up to three years) underwater in the larva stage, living only a few weeks as adults with wings?
…have two sets of wings that move independently and beat at only 30 beats per second (compared to a bee’s 300 bps)?
…can fly forward, backward, up, and down? They can also hover like a helicopter and do loop-the-loops. (How fun is that?)
…have large, compound eyes containing up to 30,000 lenses giving them an almost 360 degree view of the world?
…fly between 30 and 38 miles per hour?

As I learn more about these amazing creatures I marvel at the complexity of their design and I appreciate even more the wisdom of their creator. Even in the tiniest details, each is fashioned perfectly to fulfill its purpose and live the life it was born to live.

How much more ingenious then, is the design of a human being? We are, each of us, fashioned to live a glorious existence: loving, learning, creating, overcoming, and celebrating each day. So spread your wings, my friend. You have what it takes. Live the life you were born to live.

thanks to the following sites for some grreat dragonfly facts:,


  1. I knew their lives were short, but I did not know just how amazingly they live... the ability to do so many wonderful things. Living underwater, then sprouting wings & doing loop-de-loops sounds wonderful to me.

    Your analogy to ourselves is beautiful. I do love the way you think.

  2. Wow! I never knew all of that about dragonflies! I wonder how the world looks to them with 30,000 lenses?? You are a true Nature Girl and your dragonfly art is amazing.


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