Friday, March 22, 2013

Not So Desperately Seeking Balance

There are just too many good things to do this time of year...I feel inspired to create, to garden, to do a little spring cleaning, to get in better shape.  There's never enough time, but most of the important things get done...sort-of.

Remember the list of intentions I posted on my studio wall a few months ago?  There's one phrase in there that always trips me up:

Is balance really a realistic goal?  Sometimes I think not...especially for creatives.  We tend to hyper-focus, to disappear into "the zone" only to emerge hours, days, or even weeks later exhausted and full to the brim.  If we are very blessed, the people in our lives understand our need to go to that place where beauty and truth beg to be expressed.  Sometimes they don't understand but love us despite our flightiness and unpredictability.  If you're someone who does this for me (and you know who you are) I thank you from the bottom of my ever-lovin' little heart.

I'm still trying to keep up with Sketching My World for March although I am woefully behind.  These next few sketches are from last week's spring break.  We spent some time in Dallas, where the concrete and architecture stand in stark contrast to my everyday woodsy surroundings.  The patio homes where we stayed offered plenty of interesting angles and textures to try to work out on paper.  

Some of the angles are a little catawampus...makes me think I should try my hand at cubism. (Or possibly invent my own artistic genre, catawampism???)

Today for my Paint Party Friday friends I'm sharing an intuitive painting in progress.  This one is starting to take shape.  I can't wait to get back to it!

I hope you have lots of creative fun or maybe some needed rest in store for you this weekend.   I look forward to a little of both!  Whatever you have planned, enjoy!

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  1. Oh so very true...not sure balance is even reasonable when it comes to serious creating. Everything goes by the wayside.... because we must take the reigns while we can!!Are we the magnifying glass for truth I wonder?

    Beautiful grouping of work, you have such a diverse style!! Love it...that intuitive piece is beautiful!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. That is a post full of a creative week... love those sketches... and the painting is going to be amazing... looking forward to seeing it progress...xx

  3. I am in love with your intuitive painting. The golds just spoke to me so loudly! Up the spiral of life perhaps. It is magnificent. And your list. OY!!! scary. You are quite a sketcher....more lists? lol Thanks for sharing these. Happy PPF. Lovies, Samara

  4. Great sketches! I love the colors in your intuitive painting, can't wait to see where you take it!

  5. Oh, I do love the way your painting is taking shape! Beautiful rhythm and colors!!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  6. Great sketches, and I love that painting in progress, such energy! I'll enjoy rest this week-end, at least a little...some Spring bug, or last of Winter virus has attacked!
    Kat xx

  7. Oh like the painting I can see her, look fwd to next week :)

  8. Janice, fantastic sketches! Love the stones on the wall. Your painted piece is dynamic and alive with gorgeous colors.

  9. Oh, I see all kinds of things in your painting. But the first thing I saw was an eye, on the right side near the top. A very clear eye, weird, it's as if it's just hiding there behind all those layers. Looking forward to what you'll do with this painting!

  10. Wonderful intuitive painting. I see a blue outline of a moth in the bottom left corner

  11. Beautiful sketches! I especially like the one with the stonework. I don't know much about balance. I can only really focus on one thing at a time and other things have to wait their turn. When I'm painting, family, friends and chores have to wait and when I'm with family, painting has to wait. Chores seem to do the most waiting around here, LOL.

  12. I love your sketching and your painting....yes, I agree it's good to seek balance, but that zone is awfully enticing and getting lost in something that feeds the heart and soul is a really good thing. xox

  13. Yes, do, invent your own artistic genre:)))
    I love the way you describe the situation with balance and I love the work you show here.

  14. Just now I wrote about burnout on my latest blog post and the need to listen, love, and cherish our bodies. It is easy for us to feel like failures when we try to do more than humanly possible. Enjoy your weekend and everything you decide to do. As for me I plan on savoring some more solitude, rest, and a smattering of creativity!

    {soul hugs}

  15. Wonderful sketches and abstract. You're so talented!

  16. terrific sketches and am loving your WIP. Happy PPF, Annette x

  17. Love your WIP, it's already striking! <3

  18. More and more i am believing that balance is a myth, but maybe it is ok not to have perfect balance! I love the look of your new piece, lots of interesting images in their - i cant wait to see which ones you will pick out x


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